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This tool does not currently compare every superannuation product available on the market. We compile performance data from the APRA 'MySuper' heatmap along with leading ESG data & research. In order to display clear performance metrics we have excluded 'lifecycle' products.

This tool should only be used for information purposes. If in doubt always seek professional financial advice.

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No Coal exclusions
No Oil & Gas Exclusions
No disclosure on investments (transparency) 
Minimal exclusions
Minimal Coal exclusions
Minimal Oil & Gas exclusions
Less than 50% disclosure on investments (transparency) 
Some exclusions
ESG data provided by Market Forces
No exclusions
Some Coal exclusions
Some Oil & Gas exclusions
50% or more disclosure on investments (transparency) 
Comprehensive exclusions
Comprehensive Coal exclusions
Comprehensive Oil & Gas exclusions
100% disclosure on investments (transparency) 
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Total Fees on a $50,000 account. This data is calculated from the APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) MySuper Product Heatmap data and is converted into $AUD format.
7 Year return data is compiled from the APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) MySuper Product Heatmap data.