Welcome to supa!

We are on a mission to make super, simple! 

If you are keen to know more about how your 10% super contributions are performing, and importantly, being invested. Then you have come to the right place. 

Getting an annual statement from your fund boldly stating that they achieved a 9% (or maybe 19%) return is great. However, unless you know the fees and relative performance of other products in the market, it's impossible to understand if your investment is performing well or not.

This is the exact problem i encountered when looking into my super. It's a minefield of information across multiple websites. It is not easy to break down at first glance. Soon you have 6 tabs open and decide that instagram, netflix, or even working out is a little more appealing. Super can wait for a rainy day… 

So we are building a totally independent and transparent service that will put that information at your fingertips. Allowing you to make sure your money is performing, and being invested in line with your beliefs. Whether thats protecting the environment or helping to fund emerging technology.

We have some big plans for supa but our journey starts here. Combining APRA performance data with leading ESG research to give you a clear picture of the market in a simple to use table and a personal portal. We aim to be able to help you transition into the fund you choose soon, but if you cant wait jump on our how to guide to transfer your super through the mygov portal.

By becoming an early-stage member of supa you are supporting our vision for a totally transparent marketplace where members have total control of their investments. Together we can help speed up the transition toward sustainable strategies and ultimately better performing products. In our minds, that’s win-win!